Structured or Persistent Graph View

Structured Graph View

Add a structured graph view to Obsidian to capture the market share of tools that provide these features and provide users with the ability to use the graph view for analysis.

Related Feature Requests and Workarounds

This feature request is inspired by the following information, which may indicate a need for this feature.


Implement a structured graph view that lets you create a graph where nodes are persisted in-place regardless of cross-link status.

  • Let the user to change the position of a persisted node.
  • Let the user to specify a default flow (horizontal, vertical, parent) for nodes that are not manually positioned.

Implement a local graph view that lets you view nodes based on the structured graph view.

  • Let the user view from a node, or the nodes mentioned (see related feature requests).

A human can only focus on one thing at any given moment, so provide the following features.

  • Graph View Magnification (see related feature requests).
  • Graph View Wall (see related feature requests).