Strip away external links

Is there a way to strip away all links from a selected area? For example I’d like to convert [autonomy]( "Autonomy") to just autonomy

My hack:

  1. Switch to read mode
  2. Select the text and press CMD C to copy it
  3. Switch to edit mode
  4. Right click and choose ‘Paste as plain text’ or go to Edit > Paste and Match Style

Both of the above should paste the text without any formatting or links.

If copying from Wikipedia originally, paste as plain text to remove the formatting and links.


or Ctrl/Cmnd + Shift + V

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Indeed. I use OPT CMD V. Couldn’t remember the default hotkey.


@Dangal if you want to easily remove/unlink links in existing notes, i think this plugin should do the work. i just saw the demo in the repo, didn’t use it though.

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