Stricter Unlinked References/Mentions

Hello Obsidian community!

I think that the Unlinked References section, while useful, can be more convenient for those who would prefer stricter search rules, like myself.

For example: in seeing all the unlinked references for my file tag, I get the following:

Its nice that tag is being picked up anywhere and everywhere, but I can make a mistake and link with something accidentally, particularly an established link, and mess up a few of my connections.

:bulb: This brings me to suggest, instead of a universal-like search, which has its use, why not a plugin that just makes it more strict to the definitive title of the file? (i.e. instead of catching tag in [[tagger]], just give me all the idle tag locations)


or alternatively something whereby you can strictly specify β€œtag” and only get results that match it exactly, whereas tag (without quotes) maintains the default behaviour?


this is now the default behaviour

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