Strength of graph links

It would vastly improve the graph view if links could have 2 (or even 3) different levels of thickness to show strong/weak relation between two notes.

I can imagine this could be hard for a plugin so here is one easy idea: if the link goes only one way (only note1->note2) then its a thin link. If it goes both ways its a thick link

This could really help with clustering strongly linked notes


I’m curious what would the third level of thickness entail? Linked multiple times?

Well ideally there would be a number in the link (e.g. [[ Note | Note | 3 ]]). But with the other method I think multiple links could work for a 3rd level. But 2 seems enough.

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Sorry to necro this, but is that syntax used in anything else? it seems like I could use that syntax for a ton of other plugin ideas, like assigning a “type” to a link.

In one of my use cases, I’d use that to indicate whether that relationship is good or bad (possibly by coloring it red or green).