Strange "Templater" behavior

I’m trying to set up some of my routine notes with templater plug-in. (Windows 10)

During the process, I found a strange behavior regarding to “Templater: Insert Template”.

Date now: <% %>
Date now with format: <%"Do MMMM YYYY") %>

I have created a “Date” template, and tried to insert “Date” template by “CTRL + p” & “Templater: Insert Template”.

The strange behavior is like this.

When the current note title have a number such as “Title1” and “1Title”, it works well.
But, without any number, there is a error pop-up which says,

Templater Error:
Invalid reference date format, try specifying one with the argument ‘reference_format’.

Is there any restriction with the title for Templater?

@obsidian337 - I cannot duplicate the error you are describing on Windows or Mac - this code executes perfectly on both platforms.

Date now: <% %>
Date now with format: <%"Do MMMM YYYY") %>

Is your code written exactly as shown in your post, or was that just the text from the Templater documentation? If your code is different, please post that and maybe the question/answer will be more obvious.

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