Strange Resize Behavior with Insider Version 14.6

Strange thing happened when I installed desktop version 14.5 over top of 14.2 on Windows 11. I run two monitors with Obsidian on the left. After I installed 14.5, I also updated to insider version 14.6, but when it relaunched, Obsidian resized to spread across portions of both monitors. When I tried to resize it, it was difficult to grab and move, unresponsive/improper response, often continuing to resize itself even after I let up on the mouse.

After restarting my system several times, I did a complete uninstall of Obsidian, including removing files from APPDATA, etc. When I reinstalled, it seemed to work fine and I could resize and move the window around without issues. However, when I updated to insider version 14.6, upon relaunch, it immediately stretched across both screens and exhibited the same strange behavior mentioned above. Even when managing to adjust the window for Obsidian, it would revert to being improperly sized after closing/opening Obsidian, and even worse (going back across both displays) after restarting my system.

I’ve since reinstalled 14.5, but made sure “Receive Insider Builds” is turned off. I’m wondering if anyone else is having a similar experience, and what they’ve done to resolve it. Thanks!

disable themes and enter safe mode.
Close and restart obsidian.
Does it still happen?
Post a screen recording?

Sorry for the delay. I’ve never had need to use a screen recorder before. I tried to use ShareX, but it didn’t work for some reason. However, I made a variety of screenshots that might assist here. They capture both screens, although one appears smaller than the other because of differing resolutions. The following images are in sequence and hopefully explained adequately enough.

Screenshot 1 shows 14.5 open after a system restart.

Screenshot 2 shows 14.5 having resized itself after closing and then opening Obsidian.

Screenshot 3 shows 14.5 having resized itself to spread across both monitors after a system restart.

Screenshot 4 shows 14.5 deliberately set at the size it appears. I set it to this size to highlight the changes shown in the next image.

Screenshot 5 shows 14.5 having resized itself compared with Screenshot 4 after closing and opening Obsidian.

Screenshot 6 shows 14.5 resizing again after a system restart.

Screenshot 7 shows 14.5 resizing across both monitors after closing and opening Obsidian. Note that the resizing occurs across both screens regardless of whether it comes from closing and reopening Obsidian, or from a system restart.

Screenshot 8 shows version 14.2 immediately after reinstalling it from Obsidian releases on Github. The size it appears in this image was adjusted by me. I’ve been using this version since it was released with absolutely no problems whatsoever. The first instance of problems was after installing 14.5 over top of 14.2.

Screenshot 9 shows version 14.2 after closing and reopening Obsidian. Notice that its size and position are unchanged, as it is supposed to be.

Screenshot 10 shows version 14.2 after a system restart. Again, notice that Obsidian’s size and position are unchanged. Also, I disabled automatic updating for images 8, 9, and 10.

Screenshot 11 shows 14.2 updated to 14.5 after reenabling updates. The size and position are unchanged.

Screenshot 12 shows 14.2 updated to 14.6 with insider updates enabled. Notice the resizing across both screens after a system restart.

Additional information that may be useful is that images 1 through 7 are of Obsidian instances with installer 14.5. Images 8 through 12 display instances with installer version 14.2. So, whatever is causing this has something to do with either installer version 14.5 or insider update 14.6. Also, all of these images are from fresh installs without themes or plugins.

I hope this helps. Thanks.