Strange in file linking. what's the problem?

I believe all the time that I’m really familiar with my obsidian file. But today, I forget I off or on a certain button leading to the change of setting or I moved some files into another files. Then I found everytime I insert rebacklink, it displayed like url style’s link. it’s like as below:

It makes me unsatifying. Why existing this kind of link style. Because it’s not a good form to read and I don’t even insert [[file name#title|rename]] form, expecially I really need to rename a file displaying in the page of a file.
So, I wish there’s a good man helpping me to answer this question. Why it is like this.

I’m not sure I understand your question correctly, but you may have accidentally turned on the standard markdown link format. To return to the simpler [[wikilinks]], open the Editor settings and turn off “Use Markdown Links”.

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I think @macedotavares is right. It looks like those links are URL-encoded.

Thank u for your good resolution.