Strange behavior in Outliner plugin

What I’m trying to do

Hi, I’m new here. Either what I am experiencing hasn’t been asked or I am not coming up with the right words to explain it.

Almost all the pages on my graph are class notes in a bulleted outline. This behavior happens only on some of the pages, every once in a while I stumble on one that acts right.

What is happening:

  1. If I try to shift-command-up (or down) on a line the line doesn’t move, the file just selects every bit of text above that line.

  2. If I enter to another line and try to backspace to the previous line (eliminate the bullet I just created) I have to backspace through all the levels of outline instead of just jumping back to the end of the previous line.

Shoot there was something else and now I can’t think of it. I just would like to figure out what to fix so my outlines can be more flexible like they were before.

Things I have tried

Turning plugins on and off.
Copying the outline into a different page or opening it in another graph.

Hi! Welcome. :wave:

Can you paste a sample of your note where you see the behavior (the content can be whatever - the nesting is important) here so we can get an idea of the structure? If you type or paste it in a code block, it will be easier to see what’s going on. e.g. If you use backticks above and below:

- Item 1
  - Sub-item 1
    - Sub-sub-item 1
    - Sub-sub-item 2
  - Sub-item 2
     - [ ] task 1
     - [ ] task 2
- Item 2
- Item 3

We will see:

- Item 1
  - Sub-item 1
    - Sub-sub-item 1
    - Sub-sub-item 2
  - Sub-item 2
     - [ ] task 1
     - [ ] task 2
- Item 2
- Item 3
- Ch 19 Drugs used for pain management 
	- vocab 
		- [[pain]] 
			- unpleasant sensory or emotional experience associated with actual or potential tissue damage 
			- or described in terms of such damage 
		- pain experience 
			- unpleasant sensation part of a larger situation 

So if I am trying to move “pain experience” to the spot above “[[pain]]” the only thing that happens is that all of the text above is selected.

I mostly use the mac, but I’m on Windows at the moment.

With these hotkeys set:

I’m using move line up and move line down here:


Does that help?

That moves the single line like you showed, but I am trying to rearrange a vocab list, (among other things) so disconnecting the term from the definition (child bullets) doesn’t really get me anywhere.

In the past I have been able to move whole chunks up and down.

Here is a page where the shift-command-up or down does work

- Week 3 Musculoskeletal Pharmacology 
	- Musculoskeletal  Pharmacology class notes 
		- Pain Management (know terms)
			- Addiction 
				- pt cannot live without medication 
				- physical and psychological withdrawals 
			- Dependence 
				- pt cannot live without medication 
				- [[opiods]] 
				- psychological withdrawal 

With addiction or dependence either open or closed, I can move the whole group up or down without trouble.

Could you please report back what shift-command-up is connected to in your Obsidian, if anything?

That is do the following:

  • Go to Settings > Hotkey
  • Hit the keyboard icon in the upper right, and
  • Hit the key combination of shift-command-up
  • And report back to us what, if anything it’s linked to

In my setup, that key combination is currently not used, but I’ve mapped parts of my keyboard (on my mac) around to suit my editing style.

Without anything linked to that key combination, it selects everything from current location to either start or end of document.

In order for me to move the entire section I need to fold that section, select the entire line (including the ellipsis at the end), and then I can move that sublist in one go.

(By the way; Are we talking about an outline or multi-level list within a normal note, or in either of the outline plugins? (I’ve assumed we’re in a normal note with my responses so far))

That hotkey is connected to Outliner: Move lists and sublists up.

I’ve been calling it an outline, but maybe it is just a bulleted multi-level list. I didn’t do anything (on purpose, or consciously) to set up either note differently and both the note were this works and the note where it doesn’t are exclusively set up with bulleted items.

I really appreciate the help!

HeHe… Now I’ve installed that plugin in my test vault, and it’s behaving just nice. No problem moving the lists and sublists up and down at the same level, in either of your examples.

The question then becomes: Are you running on the latest version of the plugin? I’m running on 4.8.0. You can find this version number by doing Settings > Community plugins and scrolling down to find the Outliner plugin.

If you’re are running on that version I’m not sure what’s happening at your end, and I would suggest rewriting that bullet list or look in other parts of the offending file to see if there is something else which could cause this misbehavior at your end.

Yes, I’m all updated.

That’s just so weird, just the fact that it works fine on some of my files/pages and not others. Ugh. I hate to redo it, it’s a 20,000 word file. (The one that is working is well over 12K, so it isn’t small either.)

Thank you for your help!

That’s a somewhat large file, yes. Another option then, would be to use the divide and conquer method to locate why it’s misbehaving:

  • Make a copy (or two) of the bad file
  • Then try removing either the upper or lower half in one of the copies, and see if the fail persists, if so keep removing half of it until it works
  • At some point, you then just removed the misbehaving part, and could focus your attention to that part and hopefully see what triggers the fault

Not sure if that makes sense, but the point is remove half of your document until it doesn’t fail any more, and within that last bit you removed before it started working again there is something wrong.

Makes sense! I will give that a try tomorrow. Thanks again!

I edited your topic title. It wasn’t clear at first we were talking about the Outliner plugin. The original title was: “Strange behavior in outlines”. Hope that’s fine.

Good luck!

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