Strange about a few internal links

What I’m trying to do

I notice that a few of my internal links are of the format [Mynote](app:// In this example I cannot open the “note name” link directly by clicking on it. However, if I go to File Browser I can open “mynote” by clicking on it. I certainly don’t recall deliberately using the above format when I created the problematic links.

Added backticks ` around your link so it displays properly in the forum.

For internal linking,

Obsidian supports the following link formats:

  • Wikilink: [[Three laws of motion]]
  • Markdown: [Three laws of motion](

The (app://... looks similar (but not the same) to an Obsidian URI or a mac shortcut. Maybe a plugin created it? :thinking:

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Thank you for the information. Out of all my internal links (I didn’t count them) I found 16 instances where there was this unusual type of link. I went through each one of them and changed them accordingly.
I see no pattern in what or why these changes took place if it was a plugin that created them. What worries me is a possible recurrence of the problem as I do not know the cause of it.

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Yes, that is worrying.

Have a look through your plugins and see if there might be anything about app linking, URL schemes, links, etc.

Also, I know you already changed them (ha!), but try to think again: were they created around the same time? Was there anything creating them for you?

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I may try to investigate using an older backup, but I’m not too optimistic about it.

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