Storing, Managing and best practice for large quantities of attachments/images


I’m a new user that came from Evernote who has about 600 notes, but I have over 7000 folders/file syncs because of the amount of images I have. I have 0 file attachments, and all are images. I write a lot of tutorials with images within the note.

I pay monthly for Obsidian sync, and I am trying to organize my images better and to provide a quicker sync and for ease of use. I have researched uploading images to imgur, which will help with the speed, but I like to keep my files within my own hands for security and longevity.

Things I have tried

  • I have created one attachment folder to store all my attachments, however it would be nice if a folder can be created within the attachment folder with the same name as the note.
  • I have tested out imgur upload plugin. Is there something similar where we can upload to our own Google Drive/OneDrive, etc. that can increase syncing and opening?

What I’m trying to do

  • Faster mobile syncing
  • Easier image attachment organization
  • Possibility of automatically creating subfolders within attachment folder based on the note name
  • When pasting screenshots within images it would be nice if they went within an individual folder instead of manually dragging each image to attachments and creating subfolder based off the newly created note name. Also it’s a lot of work when adding new images to old notes because I have to find the specific attachment folder and scroll up and down to move the image
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I’m still holding out hope for some movement on this (or a plugin that will do it):

I think that might help you also…

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