"store in iCloud" option never appears

What I’m trying to do

I’m trying to locate the “store in iCloud” option mentioned in the “sync your notes” article on the help page.

Things I have tried

I’ve tried setting up an Obsidian Sync account and signing in with that before trying to create a new vault.

I’ve also tried setting up a blank “dummy” vault. I never see the toggle/option mentioned in the help article. I’m assuming it should show up in the new vault creation window. Here is what I see when I try to create a new vault and save it in my iCloud folder:

For context: I was running an older version of Obsidian and had saved my primary vault to my iCloud folder many months (years?) ago. I’m assuming this was prior to the iCloud sync feature existing…

I’m also curious as to what the “store in iCloud” toggle does…

In other words, if I were to save a vault to my iCloud folder (as I did previously) without enabling the “store in iCloud” setting, what would happen?

I think you are talking about 2 different things.

  • If you want to sync, you can choose Obsidian Sync, or iCloud. You can’t mix them. Or you can, but you shouldn’t because it will almost certainly cause sync duplication errors.
  • When you set up a vault on an iOS or iPadOS device, I think that is where you can choose whether to store it in iCloud or not. (But if your screenshot was on mobile, then maybe something has changed since I last checked.)

These instructions explain to remove your vault from any 3rd party sync tools before enabling Obsidian Sync:

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So, the “store in iCloud” feature mentioned in the notes sync article does not appear in the macOS client and is only in the iPad OS and iOS clients?

Does this imply that creating a vault on macOS and saving it to the iCloud folder is the same (functionally) as creating a vault on iOS and toggling the “save to iCloud” feature?

When I saw the mention of this feature/option/toggle I thought there may be some new background setting within Obsidian that I needed to enable to tell the application that I’d like to use iCloud as my sync service…

Based on what you’re saying, I think that may not be the case.

Correct :blush: .

I think Obsidian Mobile can only manage the vaults stored in the very specific Obsidian folder in iCloud.
I mean, on Mobile, Obsidian will only consider a folder as a vault if it’s stored within the Obsidian folder (and if there’s a .obsidian within it I guess).

This means that if you want to sync vaults between Mac, iPhone, iPad with iCloud, you first need to create a vault on mobile through Obsidian so it can be used by Obsidian everywhere.
(Although, I’ve actually never tried to create a vault from Obsidian Desktop directly in the specific “mobile” Obsidian folder in iCloud :thinking: … Edit: Well, this works too :laughing: )

But that’s not the case for Mac (iirc)… If you don’t need to sync vaults between devices using iCloud and access them from Obsidian Mobile, there’s nothing preventing you to store a vault in iCloud in any folder you want :blush:

My very first vaults, before Obsidian Mobile was released, were all stored somewhere in iCloud (so I could still access the notes from mobile, if needed, using another mobile app :smile: )


I think Pch summed it up well. I just wanted to add that you aren’t telling Obsidian to use iCloud as a service, but rather simply choosing it as a location to store the vault.


This makes a lot of sense. Thanks for the assistance.

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Got it. Thanks for the help. :pray:t2:

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