Stopped saving to iCloud without notification

I’m running v0.13.4. Last evening, Obsidian stopped writing to an iCloud-stored files at 12:19am. I kept working until about 3:20am. My laptop had a power issue and shut off while I slept. When I woke up, resolved the power issue, and re-opened Obsidian, that is when I saw (using iCloud’s web browser view of the file) that no saves had occurred since 12:19am. I have TimeMachine running but since nothing seems to have been written out of RAM, there was no file-system level change to note and thus no backup made.

I realize it would be difficult to diagnose what, exactly, might have happened here, but is there a way for me to “force” a save at the end of a work session and for Obsidian to notify me if a file is unwritable for some reason? Alternatively, should I consider removing iCloud from the equation (in hopes that it was something with iCloud sync that spawned the issue)? I’m thinking local storage to my HD then have it synced to git via a plugin.

It’s almost enough to drive me back to org-mode, but I’ve gotten so deeply wedded to the Apple ecosystem that I’d hate to lose the URI linking capabilities between Obsidian, DEVONthink, and OmniFocus (just for starters).

Obsidian autosaves every two seconds and does notify you if there are problems with writing.

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Ok, to reply to my own request – I just locked the file using “Get Info”. Within 2 seconds (auto-save interval), Obsidian displayed a dialog with “Failed to save file …” and the location of the file. This quickly timed out and disappeared. The next time I altered the file in Obsidian, I got another warning dialog from auto-save. Also, when I manually invoked save (Save Current File), I received the warning.

If I’m correct in thinking Obsidian knew it couldn’t write to the remote file location, the manual save action would help avoid the issue (since I might miss the auto-save warning while working).

you can manually save with cmd\ctrl s or with the command in the pallete.

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I have a similar issue which I’m still try to solve. My iCloud folder, with my Obsidian folder in it, has been compromised. I’m wondering if you’re also using the iPhone app of Obsidian and syncing your vault with iCloud like me. The problem might be related to the Obsidian app. I don’t know, just wondering.

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