Stop Mathjax italics

Hello there. I would like mathjax code not to go into italics, as this is less readable. I imagine there is a css snippet i can insert, but i am not familiar enough with css and html, and if I go and dig into the machinery of obsidian to try and figure this out, i’ll probably spend a couple of days there.

Can some kind soul provide me with the snippet instead?

Things I have tried

Googling the problem, looking carefully in the settings of obsidian, as well as the Minimal theme settings plugin.

If you want to insert normal text in a mathjax block you have to use the \text{} command. By default mathjax treats the latex input as an equation.

For more info about latex you can check the overleaf guide. Keep in mind that not all latex commands and options are available in mathjax.


I maybe misunderstood the request. If you mean the code itself in the editor you can use this snippet:

	font-style: normal !important;

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