Stoic - journaling CLI that works with obsidian's "daily notes" plugin

Presenting open-source CLI utility - stoic.

It’s a small journaling app for terminal. It works with plain text files. Doesn’t rely on any cloud to sync notes. Loads instantly once there are thoughts to scribble down into a daily journal.

Sounds familiar?

Accidentally, it turns out that main principles used to build this app, match those that Obsidian used. So with very little effort, it’s possible to pair both.

I still prefer comfort of scribbling my daily journal through low-distraction terminal environment that loads instantly when I need it. But ability to review all daily notes through Obsidian is a great bonus - it offers calendar view, ability to link those together and having those available in a second brain app is really nice.

In case there are other terminal freaks, who prefer obsidian as well and might find this app useful. App could be installed by running one command in your terminal (requires brew):
brew tap skatkov/tap && brew install skatkov/tap/stoic

Source code could be found here:

Here are settings for stoic that I have configured:

export STOIC_DIR="~/Obsidian/journal"
export STOIC_TEMPLATE="~/Obsidian/journal/" 

They correlate with settings from Daily Notes plugin:

Hopefully, you’ll find this useful as much as I did.

Feedback is welcome, PR’s are welcome even more :slight_smile: