STILL Unable to drag & drop into iCloud folder from macOS Finder

I’m continuing to experience the previously identified issue of being unable to drag & drop files into the Obsidian iCloud folder using Finder on macOS, identified in the Known Issues section on the following page:

This is AFTER installing the latest release (v0.12.12) and rebooting my Mac (M1 iMac) multiple times. I’ve additionally replicated the same issue on a second intel iMac all running the latest Big Sur (11.5.2) and Obsidian versions.

I AM able to move files in and out of my vault folders via the IOS Files app on my iPad, but not from any of my Macs. Once a file is in place, I have no trouble editing the file from either Obsidian desktop or mobile, and iCloud Drive Sync appears to be working fine otherwise.


  • Operating system: macOS Big Sur 11.5.2
  • Obsidian version: v0.12.12

Under Settings → About, what does it say for the installer version number? Is that also v0.12.12, or is it an earlier version?

If it is an earlier version, try a clean / full download, rather than an update. The clean download (available from the Obsidian homepage) will include the latest installer package.

If the installer is already up to date, I’m stumped.


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Hi Angel,

The installer was indeed an earlier version (v0.12.3). I reinstalled a fresh copy from the website and it’s all working now. (I’m almost positive I had done this previously as well vs
just applying updates thru settings, but perhaps not? :man_shrugging: )

In any case, Thank you for the quick response and help!
Much appreciated!!

Great news. Glad it is working for you now.


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