Still a bit confused about Obsidian Sync Setup

Things I have tried

After sync stopped working because I must have changed something with my folder when I was trying to free up memory, I had difficulty getting sync to work.

Apologies in advance for the simple question.
When creating an Obsidian Sync Vault do I use the same name of the vault I want to sync for the sync folder? I’ve read through many instructions and can’t seem to get clear.

Or do can I give it any name and then connect that sync folder to the other device (imac > macbook)

For some reason I can’t get this straight. I’m a bit nervous about losing my stuff.

What I’m trying to do

I’m using an imac, a macbook and an iphone and want to get all those syncing with Obsidian Sync account.

I had it working for a bit and then I did something that changed things and the macbook and iphone went empty. The imac is fine though.

I would like to set it up again and I’m a bit nervous.

I have a vault such as davidsobsidianvault. Do I create a sync vault and name it the same or should I create a vault such as davidssyncvault? and then connect that up to the other devices.

I guess I’m just having a short circuit :blush:

Obsidian is turning out to be a life saver for me in many ways and I’m absolutely loving it.

Humble thanks :pray:


My understanding is that the sync vault can have a different name from the local folder, but it’s better to name them the same to avoid confusion.

I’m not sure if you can directly rename a sync vault (I’ve been meaning to check). If not, you could (thru multiple steps) make a copy with a new name.

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I do not fully understand the sync function, either. I’m including 2 questions below in case someone answering your Q knows the answer to mine as well (I think I’m going to have to open a ticket :grimacing:).

Q1 seems similar to your question - I created a vault on my mobile device, set up the app on my Windows 10 device, then tried to sync. The instruction to name the synch vault as something I would remember made it seem like I was supposed to come up with a new name. So I did. When I synced, it created a database on Windows 10 with no name. So I have one name on mobile for this particular vault, a sync drive with a different name and a Windows 10 vault with no name. Very confusing!! How would I add other vaults?

Q2 With setup above, some folders and files I’ve deleted from both devices keep coming back. Why? How do I fix?

Thanks @CawlinTeffid , that helps. It makes sense to me to name it the same, so I think I’ll try that.

It was working before, but I made the silly mistake of messing with my folders. I’m going to give it a try after backing up my vault and will let you know.

@Connector , it is confusing isn’t it, at least for the non-tech masters.

I also had information either come back or edits that I thought I did were reset back to a previous state.

It seems that whether you name it different or the same doesn’t matter. I had a sync vault running that I called sync vault and selected that on all the devices and it was working. I’m going to try again, but I think I’ll name it the same as my vault this time just for simplicity.

One thing I read is that if you go to your other device too quickly the system will make overwrite things in a way you did not intend. I know I did this a few times, when I would go to my laptop from my desktop in just a few minutes I would see something change right in front of my eyes. So, I’m just going to give it some extra time.

Good luck, let me know if you get it working.

Maybe someone else will chime in.


I finally figured all this sync stuff out. It was really just my silly error messing with files and then having a bit of anxiety about what was happening.

I set up a sync vault and connected multiple local vaults and all seems to be working. Maybe I’m still working on getting settings/theme,etc to sync, but I think I’ll get there.


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