Status bar should display URL on hover

Use case or problem

The real destination of a link is the most accurate info about that link. By looking at the URL, reader can determine if he/she have read it or not, which website it points to, etc without having to load the whole content. So often the text of a link provide little or no information, e.g. consider this text: “You can find more discussion on the Super Hot Topic in here, here and here” where the same word “here” point to totally different websites. Showing the URL of the link when hovering, like most browsers do, is very useful for users to quickly get key pieces of information about those links.

Proposed solution

Just take the proven approach: how browsers do it. When users hover on a link, show the link destination.

Current workaround (optional)

Don’t have any.

Related feature requests (optional)


You might want to check out the hover link plugin.

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I found some CSS options here helpful👍

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CSS is a lot more versatile than I thought, wow. I’m replacing Hover Link with this, it’s much nicer and (I assume) more performant.