Star Ocean: Till the End Time in-game dictionary as a vault!

Hey everyone!

I finally finished a pet project of mine that I wanted to do since starting to work with Obsidian. It’s an Obsidian vault-based implementation of the Dictionary feature in the 2004 PlayStation 2 game, Star Ocean: Till the End of Time!

The Dictionary reminded me a lot of a Zettelkasten or other personal knowledgebase systems, with its (usually) short entries and categorization of terms through what appeared to be linking. This project makes those “links” come to life! Learned a ton about Obsidian’s theming workflow and NodeJS scripting that I plan to write about, if anyone’s interested :thumbsup:

It comes with a CSS theme that mimic’s the game’s interface, written such that the Dictionary-specific stuff can be removed if you end up wanting the theme for regular usage.

Check out the project below:


Amazing idea, love to see creative applications of custom CSS!


I am not going to re-skin obsidian as an FF7 summon menu. Not right now anyway.


I am totally not looking forward to that…yet :smiley:

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