Standardized way to pick font

Use case or problem

I really want a standardized way to select the “main” font so you can overwrite the theme.

Proposed solution

A new settings screen for fonts, where I can just select the font and size I want to use.
I would also like for there to be a toggle where you can select if the theme gets to overwrite this selection.

Current workaround (optional)

A CSS file with all kinds of weird selectors depending on which theme you use.
This sucks and is completely inscrutable to new users - one of the most common tasks new users want when starting to use an editor is to change the font, and this is actually one of the hardest problems right now!

Clarification: it’s not a hard technical problem to solve, but it’s hard to find out how, and the actual “solution” is a CSS file, which HAS to scare away new users before they get a chance to fall in love with the actual usage of the app.


Font size is currently available in settings under appearance.

Agreed. I did have a smooth solution snippet, but Live Preview broke it and figuring out the specific css to fix it was definitely non-trivial.

I want to be able to set “default” font, “source mode” font (cuz monospace in source mode makes lots of sense) and maybe even a “live preview” font. These should be variables that are easy to set without having to install yet another plugin.


will be implemented in 0.14.3

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