Standard MD Links for Images

The Obsidian Link style for images ![[image.png]]] is nice but what we need in addition is the official standard format ![description](image.png)! Most of us work with several application and as soon as the standard format isn’t supported anymore, nothing works elsewhere. That’s a huge issue.

Currently there are workarounds with several files, each containing different link style. But should that really be the solution for Obsidian. Please start supporting standard links in additionally!! Please!

I can’t believe, that this isn’t something everybody screams for or something that wasn’t implemented yet! I would imagine, it should be something fairly basic.

Probably just Settings → Files & Links → Use [[Wikilinks]].

Standard markdown works, for me, with or without [[Wikilinks]] enabled. This, for example:

![some alt text](upload://7qtfYOdygIeftD0w1Dhy3knwPSf.png  "Logo")

Produces this in Obsidian:

some alt text


Yup. Forgot to mention that you can also use the standard Markdown links even if Wikilinks is switched on.


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