Standard loading screen

Why the new loading screen is so ugy? Can it be something clean like this in small modal window?

  1. Make standard loading screen - separated and loaded as modal window
  2. Make progress bar go nicely from 0 to 100% for all processes - not blink like crazy several times from zero to 100…
  3. After that make nice gentle transition to app not just re-blinking the window…
  4. Show in loading screen details about to vault that is opening, so user can have some insights while he is waiting

For example looks for DevonThink loading screen - neat professional, and user is not bothered that the app is loading slower.


It’d be cool if it loaded while visualizing some connections being made in a graph, like growing a tree from a seed. But the resulting tree is the current state of your graph, and the growth is loosely based on the structure of your vault.

Of course in the end, it would have to transition to how you left Obsidian. I wouldn’t mind reminiscing a little about the development of my vault each time I prepare to get to work.

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It can even extract quotation from you Vault, and show them during the loading screen…