Stacked Tabs - active pane shifts unnecessarily when closing side panels or resizing the whole window

Version 1.4.5 - sandbox and normal vault

When the user is in stacked tab mode and hides one or both of the side panes.

Expected Behavior

When closing side panels with many tabs open in stacked tab mode, the active tab remains stable in the view and doesn’t shift around. other non active panes should shift partially fill the stacked tab space.

Actual Behavior

The active pane shifts left or right (sometimes even leaving two tabs halfway open) and the non active panes slide completely closed first and then snap back to being partially stacked


Open sandbox vault → open 10 or so tabs → enter stacked tab mode and have one active and centered → open or close side panels. App zoom level and window size and resolution seem to affect the behavior.

I am not sure I understand. Post a screen recording of this happening in the sandbox vault.

Sure! here you go


I set hotkeys to hide the panes and zoom in to a high zoom level several times the active pane won’t focus correctly and is always at least shifted when closing the left pane.

Video link

ok, thanks.

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