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In the recent Nick Milo video there was plug-in that allowed you to move the stacked tab (sliding pane) left and right. Anyone know what it was?

If you are running a current version of Obsidian, this is in the core:

Apologies. I meant move / rearrange the tabs with a hot key. So sliding panes left and right

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Ooops, my apologies. I misread and misunderstood your question.

Don’t know the answer. Hope someone can help.

EDIT: There are hotkeys for switching tabs. Not what you want? (Can’t try this myself at the moment as only using an iPhone right now.)

EDIT 2: If it was this video by @nickmilo, I think that’s the standard stacked tabs and the associated configurable hotkeys, such as:

  • Toggle stacked tabs
  • Go to next tab
  • Go to previous tab
  • Go to last tab
  • Go to tab #1
  • etc

If I have totally misunderstood, that’s okay because I am a :poop:

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