Stack tabs in iOS app

What I’m trying to do

I stacked tabs recently and was able to slide back and forth among them. I believe on iPhone and iPad. But don’t remember how I did it.

I know about Toggle Stacked Tabs, but not clear how to use it. Does it enable stacking? Once enabled, how to stack? Does it assume tabs are already stacked? If so, how to stack.

Things I have tried

Searched here. An earlier post of mine on this same topic came up. IRC, I was not clear about the device. Whatever, I don’t find a clear answer the question. Also searched on the Obsidian subreddit and the wider web. Again, things tangential but not direct.

On iPhone you can only view 1 tab at a time.

On iPad you do it the same way as on desktop — from the menu in the chevron next to the + on the tab bar, or via the command palette.


I found a way. It is in that little box at tbottom of the screen:

If I tap on it I will see a list of open tabs. And I can open new tabs.

Pressing on the little box itself I can close a tab or all tabs:

I thought I had a second way. Yesterday, I swear I was able to get multiple tabs—more than two—using Toggle Stacked Tabs. Today it’s not working. I swear it did yesterday. Maybe the problem is that with a toggle it’s difficult to know whether stacked tabs is on or off.

Well, at least there’s one. But stacked tabs on a phone, certainly in portrait mode, is of limited utility. There’s just not enough screen space. And I don’t see a way to reorder them.

But if there are just a couple notes you want to switch between it’s nice to know there’s a way.