SSL Certificate on Custom Subdomain


My subdomain ( correctly redirects to my Obsidian Publish page (Obsidian Publish). However, I cannot generate an SSL certificate for the subdomain.

My website is on Google Cloud Platform using an Apache web-server and I’m using Let’s Encrypt to generate an SSL certificate. Here is a sample of what the message shows:

Here is my DNS settings:

Any suggestion on how to generate an SSL certificate for my subdomain?


we don’t support this at the moment. If you have access to apache configuration you can do subdirectory redirection.

@WhiteNoise Thanks for your reply.
I can actually followed the documentation. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have the redirection working!

My question was on the SSL certificate and whether the future development, particularly the one in the documentation Full custom domain support (with SSL certificate provisioning) will resolve this issue?

Hi @essi , I see you’ve resolved your problem. Could you tell me how?
Currently, I have a CNAME that point to the my github page, and an sub-domain CNAME that point to my Obsidian Publish page. All is managed through Porkbun.
However if I go to I have security warning from my browser about fraudulent certificate and I’m at loss how to fix that. I could only get to the site by expanding Advance option and ignore warning to go through site, which is note very ideal.

Previously, I wanted to use an NGINX proxy for this purpose, for which I had to create the SSL certificate (Let’s Encrypt) manually. But, at later stage, I’ve started using CloudFare (free plan) to manage my website records. So, I didn’t need to have the custom setup anymore. The CloudFare setup is available in the Obsidian Publish doc as posted above.