SSD wear by constantly writing to file system?

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I observed that Obsidian (at least on macOS) writes changes to files to the file system about every second. Although only a couple of characters has changed most of the time, the whole file is written to the file system.

I wonder if this contributes to heavy SSD wear.


Investigating something entirely different I came across this article from Apple’s developer support. It targets iOS, but IMHO applies to macOS as well.

It states among others:

iOS can only write to the same region of SSD a limited number of times before the disk wears out. The more writes an app makes, the faster it wears the drive.

Changing a serialized document requires rewriting the entire file, which increases the latency of the operation and the wear on the device.


I can think of a number of solutions:

  1. Larger write intervals
  2. Manually triggered writing to disk (CMD+S)
  3. Auto save only on lost focus event

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Current SSD in normal home usage should probably last long enough till other parts of the computer will broke :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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