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Here more Mem Tutorials: Mem Spotlight - YouTube
Especially capturing info


A number of people have suggested Alfred can be used mimic’s Spotlight.

With respect to those who advocate for Alfred to create workflows, I’d still vastly prefer a more Obsidian-specific solution.

Mem’s spotlight opens a popup, preloading any selected text into it, and giving the user the choice of saving the text to a new note, appending to an existing note, or creating a new blank note. If nothing is selected, the current webpage in your browser is saved as a link with a thumbnail snapshot of the screen.

The popup also allows one to quickly search all of one’s notes, allowing not only fast storage of new information but also fast access of existing information.

It’s an absolutely brilliant tool to make adding stuff to frictionless.

I’m not sure it makes sense to have many Obsidian users (re)invent this kind of functionality with Alfred or whatever.

And I think it’d be a huge selling point for those who cannot or just don’t want to learn how to write an Alfred workflow.

@ryanjamurphy thinks it might be hard to make an os-global hotkey in electron (to get the same type of UI as has). I know bupkis about that and will defer to the expertise of others.

Perhaps it ought to be a separate app? has a desktop version, the Mac version of which provides its own version of Spotlight as described above. Although I don’t know if uses electron (and I looked, but can’t find anything on that).

plus Alfred is Mac only?

Yes, Alfred is Mac only. but so is’s Spotlight (for now at least).

Apparently, “Wox” is a reasonable Windows alternative for Alfred (though I don’t do Windows, so I can’t speak from experience).

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+1 this feature request. It’s a key differentiator for

Personally, being able to leverage/find snippets of information or insert full-blown templates into other applications feels novel. The whole “bow-tie” model allows you to funnel things into a central conduit.

Note: Spotlight now supports both Windows and Mac.

There’s a lot more to Mem than just Spotlight.
If you’re familiar with Github Co-pilot to help coders, then this is where Mem is aiming - to be a co-pilot for knowledge workers. Helping with search, generating new ideas, understanding content, etc. I do think this is the future for sure. Plenty of issues to iron out, but definitely huge value.

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Will be a lot more to Mem than just Spotlight. I would say

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