Spotify music playlist plug in for ios and ipad os

spotify/applemusic plug in added can add playlist and music while studying :heart:

Use case or problem

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Loving the quest for the perfect Spotify playlist plugin! Any updates?

I’ve been experimenting with various plugins myself. While on the hunt, I stumbled upon They offer not only playlist services but also tools for music promotion. Even though it might not directly solve your plugin quest, checking out platforms like this one could open doors to new playlist ideas or even help with promoting your own music if you’re an artist. Exploring different avenues might just lead to some unexpected playlist gems!

I have an idea of various “connector” plug-ins that integrate with other datasources like Spotify.

Ideally, I’d like for Obsidian to be my source-of-truth for everything so that I can cross-reference - instead of keeping music information in Spotify and book information in GoodReads, I’d love to keep them both in Obsidian (which also allows me to add notes beyond what is capable in those platforms). But then I’d also like integration with those platforms - it would be lovely to be able to make a playlist in Obsidian and integrate with the Spotify API to directly play it. Or publish some of my internal book reviews to GoodReads. That’s where the plug-in would come from, offering nice transitions between those data formats. In a really cool world, you could even do it for helping connect between different platforms in the same space, like Youtube Music and Spotify.

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Hi @olgahicks85! Today, a plugin I created specifically for this purpose became publicly available. Check it out!