Split verticaly also splits the sidebar and I can't close it

Hi, I’ve assigned the Ctrl + Alt + V shortcut to split the note vertically into two separate windows.

Problem is that I didn’t realise I had the sidebar with the folder view selected when I pressed the hotkey, and now it split the sidebar vertically too.

There is no way to close that new vertical part of the sidebar. “Close active pane” shortcut doesn’t close it. I can only drag the folder icon and stack it on the top side of the sidebar along with the other icons, as I have done with the extra 3 folder icons at the top.

How can I close those extra sidebar panes?

Hi @Georgios,

I replicated what you did and figured out how to remove it but it is a bit complex if you aren’t use to dealing with editing datafiles. I couldn’t find a way to do it via the gui.

Probably best to read through all the way before trying.

  • In your vaults folder, go into the .obsidian folder
  • Find the file “workspace”
  • Make a backup copy of the file “workspace”
  • Open “workspace” in a plain text editor (Notepad++ or notepad windows, BBEdit on mac)
  • In “workspace” find/search (or manually if you want) for "type": "file-explorer", there should be 2 occurrences.
  • You will need to remove the second one and the whole block that it is in.
    • To find the "block’ it is in you will want to look above the "type": "file-explorer" line for a line that starts "id": " There will be many lines like this in the file so make sure the one you found is the one that is directly above the "type": "file-explorer"
    • You will want to select and delete the lines starting above that "id": " line which should be just a single { all the way down to the the } that is before ],

Here is an example: Highlighted part is what to delete, your id etc will be different

I know the explanation isn’t very good, hopefully the screenshot helps.

If something gets messed up, replace the “workspace” file with the backup copy you made and try again.

PS1 I said above that you would need to remove the second occurrence but you really want to get rid of the smaller one, for example in the screenshot the first occurrence also has stuff like "matchingCase": false, etc, you should leave that block and remove the smaller one

PS2 if you ever split one that isn’t the folder view you would need to figure out what the section is called and find that instead of "type": "file-explorer"


One addition to @JimK’s very helpful comment CLOSE Obsidian before editing the “workspace” file!


Thank you that fixed it.


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