Split Vertically + Open macros leave cursor behind– Solutions?

Things I have tried

Making macros, both within Obsidian using the Macros plugin, and externally using other software– Macros that split vertically (or horizontally) and then open the quick switcher. Essentially creating an “Open file in new tab” command. The cursor gets left behind unless a considerable delay is used however– The Quick Switcher opens, but keystrokes are still writing into the newly opened split tab rather than searching for a file to open. The delay has to be long enough to be noticeable in order to avoid the problem, which makes it stand out like a sore thumb in contrast to everything else about Obsidian’s seemingly instantaneous/snappy user interaction, especially given that wanting to open another file in another pane is a very frequently used action.

What I’m trying to do

Figure out how to write a macro that will split vertically and instantly open the quick switcher without leaving the cursor in the split tab, and without needing a noticeable (annoying) delay to do so. Other people must have come across this issue– I’m curious what solutions are out there? But haven’t found anything when searching.

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