Split-up current note into multiple notes based on subsections

Use case or problem

I often have the case where I start writing a single note that has many sections (marked with #, ##, …) and after some time the size of the single note get’s out of hand. Right now, to split up the note one has to do everything manually.

Proposed solution

Assuming the following note with the title “large note”:

# fun title

## other title

# second fun title

more text

# this is a large section too

wow, so much text

With click of a button I would like to be able to split up the note at a selectable level (either #, ##, ###, …, or ######) as follows. Assume the above note and I want to split up that note on level #, I would like the following result:

Directory Structure:

large note (directory)
| - fun title (note)
| - second fun title (note)
| - this is a large section too (note)

… and each of the notes would contain the content of what was previously the respective section.

Isn’t this what the plugin Node Refractor does? Check out: GitHub - lynchjames/note-refactor-obsidian: Allows for text selections to be copied (refactored) into new notes and notes to be split into other notes. I use it just for this.

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