Split Tab group commands

Use case or problem

It is slower to open a new tab group than what used to be possible using the pane splitting commands.

Proposed solution

Ideally, I would love for Split right and Split down commands to be returned. But if this isn’t possible, maybe the existing Focus commands could be leveraged to achieve enhanced capabilities in the context of only a single tab group being open. In this case, for example, the Focus on tab group above command would open a new tab group above. It would have the No file tab with the Create new file, Go to file, See recent files, and Close commands in the body.

Current workaround (optional)

By pressing ctrl shift n, a new note is created in a new tab group to the right. This isn’t ideal if you don’t want a new note. Another option is to toggle open the Files sidebar and ctrl alt click on a note. This isn’t ideal if you often work with the sidebar toggled off. Also, often the desired file isn’t easily accessible.

Related feature requests (optional)


I don’t know about others, but I don’t know what you’re asking.

Your topic subject doesn’t have a verb.

What does this mean: “ Ideally, I would love for Split right and Split down commands to be returned.”

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I’m glad you asked. Thanks. I can adjust it. Right now Splitting tab groups is not possible via a single command. I would like these previously available commands, from when Obsidian had Panes, to be returned. I linked to a similar request for Mobile.

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Ah ok I understand now.

But “Split right” and “Split down” do exists for me on the desktop. They don’t show up for you? What version and OS are you on?

(I figure you’re not a native English speaker, so a tip: you wanted to say “to return” or “to come back” or “to be brought back”. “To be returned” is suggestive of programming: a value returned by a function. That’s why I was confused.)

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Thanks so much! You are right! Yesterday I must have been in a new vault that I hadn’t transferred my hotkeys to yet, and the tab groups weren’t splitting. I then clearly remember going into customization for the hotkeys and searching for “split” to no avail.

I just checked, and I am on v1.03 on Windows 10. The Split Right and Split Down commands are in fact still here in all their glory. I do really appreciate your response and agree that your suggestions for better phrasing are helpful. If I may say so myself, your obsequious dedication to proper English is inspiring. Have a good night.


Btw, if you want focus to follow the split, check out Choice of focus by parts of the pane - #6 by Christoph

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