Split note into two notes at cursor

Similar to how Ulysses can split sheets. This streamlines the process of breaking long notes down into smaller notes.


Is this different from Extract Note / Refactor? I think it is, but there’s definitely similarities.

It sounds cooler to say “Refactor.”

What I’ve done in ulysses in the past is to import a long sheet of Kindle Notes from a book. Working down the page, I’d process the literature notes into permanent notes. Then, once all the notes were processed (or deleted), it was easy to move through the sheet, hitting the hotkey to split the sheet into separate files, or … atomic notes.

It made for a really great way to keep track of where you are in the process as you go. and being able to bounce around to each heading in the “outline” made it easy to combine things into notes that were further up the page.

Essentially you’re baking brownies, or cooking a sheet of meth (as one does), and then cutting it up into serving sizes.



I think the refactor note idea is meant to describe extracting a selection of content out and replacing it with a link. You’re describing literally splitting a note between a top and a bottom. So, we’ll call it a different feature.

Would you place a link to the “next” note at the bottom of the “previous” one when splitting them?

Probably not. As they are intended to become thoughts independent of the original text. Or… outside of the narrative order of the original text.


Any news about this Feature? I also love to use splitting this way. In my case like in Scrivener and Causality. Unfortunately the mentioned plugin isn’t compatible anymore. Mac user here.

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Hi, as I really wanted that feature I made a Plugin for it.
It works on my Mac, haven’t tried it on Windows, and unfortunately doesn’t work inside Canvas.
It has two commands. First, Split from the line where the cursor is and name it ‘unknown’ with an Index counting up and second, same but takes the sanitized forty character of the line as new filename, also with index.
You can set your own Hotkeys for them.