Spellchecker suggestions not working properly - Mac OS Sonoma 14.2.1

Hello everyone,

I’m new to Obsidian and I have been searching the internet all day to try and find a solution to my problem. Essentially, when I right click on a word I’ve misspelled in English (Obsidian recognizes misspelled words, puts the red squiggle under them as I have spellcheck enabled in the editor settings), it doesn’t give me the correct English suggestions after right-clicking.

I’ve read that Obsidian uses the Mac native spellchecker, but the spellcheck behavior inside of Obsidian is very different from that inside of a Mac OS app on my desktop like Notes. In fact, I’ve tested that the suggestions for the same misspelled English word work properly inside of Notes, whereas I do not get those same suggestions inside of Obsidian.

I’ve tinkered with many different settings inside of MacOS, including getting rid of additional languages (just retaining US English in the Region and Language settings), as well as getting rid of additional keyboard inputs besides English. in OS keyboard settings.

Here are a few screenshots to better illustrate the problem.

Mac OS Sonoma 14.2.1 settings

Obsidian Spellcheck behavior - see the bizarre suggestions? (I don’t even know what language’s dictionary it is pulling from)

Apple Notes Spellcheck behavior with same sentence.

Thanks in advance for any help!

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