Spellchecker only displays suggestions for one language

I use English (UK) and Indonesian in my spellchecker quite often, but whenever I go to get a suggestion, it only displays Indonesian words.

For example, here are the suggestions for “Amongt” (Amongst) with both English and Indonesian in the spellchecker languages.


Versus only English (United Kingdom). This displays relevant suggestions.


This might not be a bug per se, but it feels like one. If it isn’t though, a feature where we can choose suggestions per language would be very useful.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Editor → Behaviour → Spellcheck languages
  2. Add another language
  3. Display suggestions for a mistyped word

Expected result

To display suggestions from all languages specified in spellchecker languages.

Actual result

Only displayed suggestions from one language.


  • Operating system: Windows 10

Do you use only one vault?

Yeah, just the one.

If in chrome you have a smilar setup, what do you see there?

unsure if this answers the question, but using the same word (amongt → amongst) displays this

I don’t speak Indonesian but English US/Italian works.

I double-checked the languages used in the chrome spellchecker, but no difference in the results

If you misspell amongt in chrome, what does it show?

If in chrome it shows the same thing, that this is not an Obsidian issue, it’s an issue in the way chrome’s spellcheck (which obsidian uses) works. And we have no control over it.

so, I attempted to be a little more thorough in my testing, and tried words that could be more commonly misspelled in both English and Indonesian, here I use “karna” (shorthand “karena”, but it isn’t in the dictionary so it shows suggestions), which could be “karma” (EN), or “karena, warna, karya” (ID).

Here, it displays results from both languages, but as we saw with “amongt”, there were also suggestions from both languages. They just weren’t showing both ID and EN suggestions.

I’m starting to suspect that this is going to turn into a wild goose chase (since you said Obsidian uses Google spellchecking) - and I’ll just have to live with it - but if maybe a dev or someone equally knowledgeable could shed a little light on this, it would be super appreciated.


I am also experiencing some odd suggestions when I have more than one language activated (in my case, English (Aus) and French).

Obsidian English + French spellcheck activated - bizarre suggestions / bug

  • image

Obsidian English spellcheck activated - expected suggestions

  • image

Chrome spellcheck in Gmail

  • image

I hope this helps.
For now I am just going to keep one language at a time switched on.

I don’t know if there’s anything “strange” maybe just the way chrome handles Multilanguage suggestions.

If you enable the same languages in chrome and go for example here https://www.rapidtables.com/tools/notepad.html
what suggestions to you get?