Spellchecker on Linux?

Hi all,

There’s supposed to be a spellchecker in Obsidian now, but it doesn’t work for me. Has anyone else on Linux gotten it to work?

Obsidian 0.7.6
KDE neon 5.19 (Ubuntu Linux 18.04)

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Have you enabled it in the settings? Settings > Editor > Spell check.



I didn’t know it was a per vault setting. It wasn’t switched on in the vault I wanted spellchecking for, it is was in the other. Duh!

Thank you.


I’m using Obsidian 0.13.9 on KDE Neon 5.23 / Ubuntu 20, have enabled Spell Check, and don’t see any sort of highlighting of misspelled words. Tried switching from Live preview mode to Source mode, but no change.