Spellchecker issues in MacOS Sonoma

What I’m trying to do

Spellchecker in macos Sonoma does not work. When clicking on cog/tool icon it says:
“The spellcheck dictionary is empty.”

In addition unable to select Spellcheck languages, it says:
“The native spellchecker will automatically detect the language being used for you on macos.”

Things I have tried

You have probably fixed this by now, but I found your post trying to fix my Obsidian setup on my MAC (v1.5.12) and at first it did not work. Thanks to your post I found the Spellcheck slider in your post. Mine was "off. " I tried the MAC’s native spell checker by typing bad spelled words in Notes, and they showed up as a spelling error there. I then tried it in Obsidian and it worked there too. (after I changed the option hidden in the Editor settings.) I also got the same pop-up (“The Spellcheck dictionary is empty”) if I click on the gear.

But in my case, it works like this.

A note to the maintainers of the “Official help site” --there is nothing that comes up for “Spellcheck,” Maybe it could direct people to the setting in the Editor.

best regards