In great demand for spellcheck.

+1 for me as well

Really love the app. Thank you for the amazing work :heart: A spell check feature would be killer and is probably my #1 ask

Implemented for english.

Spell checker was added in 0.7.5 and a user dictionary is added in 0.7.6.

If you need another language, please open a separate feature request; I’m moving this main thread to archived.

It is also possible to use the text espander espanso for auto-correction mis-spelled words, e.g. with the following espanso package:

With espanso, the auto-correction is not limited to which text editor to use.

One can also define own espanso packages for spell check or for other purposes.


Is there a way to allow Obsidian to use the spell check and dictionaries features of the operating system?

My primary system is Linux, and like everyone else, we have a variety of solutions like Aspell / Spell that could make it “easier” to add spell check support for many languages.

I looked for it here on the forum, but I didn’t find anything similar to that.

Thanks in advance.

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LanguageTool is better than Grammarly, as it is Open Source and available in other languages than English. Users can chooses which API they use, while Grammarly is bound to Google.


+100 for LanguageTool!


Spell checking definitely isn’t working for me. I’m running Obsidian 0.11.16 in ubuntu 18.04.
Any ideas why it might not be working? Or has anyone else experienced this problem?

Hi, I would very much appreciate a basic spell checker in Obsidian. The linking and searching features that make Obsidian so valuable over other note taking/knowledge management tools are difficult to use when you are prone to misspelling things. I understand that this is a minor inconvenience to most people but I am dyslexic so this is actually the aspect of the program that causes the most friction for me.

I’ve only been using Obsidian for a few days so I still need to explore plugin and work around options. If I find a good system I will definitely share.

I would like to add that I am using Windows and I have ‘Show text suggestions as I type’ enabled. This setting can be found under Home>Devices>Typing>Hardware Keyboard in Windows Settings. In most text boxes this allows the OS to make spelling and typing suggestions. It believe it actually used to be under the accessibility menu.

The typing suggestions work as intended in small text boxes like the search bar, the quick switch search bar, the command pallet, and when entering a title/name for a note but do not appear when typing into the main body of a note.

I have found that this is a common problem even in Microsoft software and web applications.