Spell checker red squiggly on markdown links with headings/subheadings

Steps to reproduce

  • Create inline link [[Sample Link#Heading2]]
  • Red squiggly shows up in live preview

Did you follow the troubleshooting guide? [Y/N]


Expected result

No red squiggly in live preview

Actual result

Red squiggly in live preview


Additional information

You forgot to fill the “Environment” section, which contains details needed to evaluate your report.

Sorry, this was the windows client. It typically happens after clicking on the link without navigating to it, and then clicking away.

This is super minor. Looks like it might just be that the spellchecker isn’t recognizing the “#” character as a delimiter for a word that isn’t recognized and is extending the squiggle beyond the “#”. Adding the word to dictionary is simple enough. Then, just clicking on the old links (w/o navigating to the new note) seems to rerun the spellcheck function on that line which remove the squiggle. Going to mark this as resolved.

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