Spell check similar to macOS spell check in Pages or Typora

Typora has a very nice spellcheck integrated. It works just like the spellcheck in Pages, in safari when typing. It’s a spellcheck system that feels like system-level (because how consistent its look and behavior are with different apps).

If only Obsidian can have that integrated. Right now, there is a red line, but we need to right click to look for suggested corrections.

Also, no native auto-capitalization. The third party plugin doesn’t work perfectly. Try typora and type “e.g.,” or “i.e.,” in both Typora and Obsidian with “Easy Typing” plugin and you will know what I mean.

Obsidian uses electron spellchecker which uses Marcos spellchecker.

Correction. I actually mean “autocorrect”, not just “spell checker”. My bad that I did not distinguish between these two.