Spell check does not include the right correction for "teh" -> "the"

Steps to reproduce

  1. type “teh”
  2. right click for spell check corrections

Expected result

I expect the correction to “the” would at least be in that list if not the first item.

Actual result

The correction list does not include “the” at all



  • Operating system: Kubuntu 20.04
  • Obsidian version: v0.11.5 (but this has happened for a number of versions)

Additional information

For what it’s worth every other program on this system that has spell checking will list “the” as the correct fix for the word “teh” so I do not believe it’s a problem with my system’s dictionaries or spell checking. This is one of my biggest typing quirks that I’ve just never been able to shake. Usually it’s not that bad because I can just right click and the correct fix, “the” is the first result so it’s quick to fix. Some programs even allow me to automatically replace “teh” with “the” making it a non-factor but I realize that functionality could probably fall under the “plugin” realm.

We won’t fix this because soon we will migrate to another spellcheck


That’s understandable. Do you have any timeline on when that might be?