Spell Check Dictionary is "Empty"

Things I have tried

Spell check dictionary is “empty”.

I have attempted toggle and re-toggle the spell check and quit and reload the program and still get the same message.

Any solutions to this?

What I’m trying to do

Yeah, I get the same message when clicking the cog icon.
I haven’t tried this feature in a while, but I have no idea if I have to add a dictionary file myself or if this is missing functionality in Obsidian.

The spellcheck seems to work despite the fact that is says that the dictionary is empty.
Maybe this is unrelated.

The spellcheck is not working at all for me. I am not having something else turned on.

that popup that you opened is for user custom words.

In 0.12.x spellcheck only works for english
In 0.13.x spellcheck works for (more) languages in the new live preview editor.

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