Speech recognition plugin based on vx Chrome-extension?

I know I am opening an old subject, but since I am neither a Mac nor a Windows User, speech recognition is lacking on my linux-system. But as I am “still” working with different printed books, speech recognition would come in handy, especially for citations. Typing in text from a Book lying on your desk is, after all, a bit too “old school” for my liking.

There is the option of using a Chrome-Extension (which I do), but copying text bit by bit from a Chrome webapp window into a obsidian note is also not my idea of comfort in the long run. Unfortunately I am a total noob (and a fool) when i comes to coding, so programming a plugin myself is out of the question.

A few days ago I stumbled upon a chrome extension that - at least in my view - has some interesting features, that would facilitate making an Obsidian plugin a lot:

It is called vx (Homepage here), and exists as chrome plugin, command line application and as an Electron App. It’s hosted in all 3 flavors on Github with an MIT License.
It uses the Google Speech API (free and paid) and copies the recognized text into the clipboard. The latter, I figure, could be easily changed to the active note.
Maybe - as I said, I have no clue how much work it might be in the end, but I could imagine this to be doable - there are some changes to be made to the code, but to me it seems that most of the work is done.
The code is now 4 years old, but since the author still seems to be active, there also might be a chance for cooperation. The app itself seems to be working really fine.

Anyone who would like to take up the task?

Thanks a lot in advance!