Special character in *.md filename results in dead vault

This bug report is mostly actually a compliment!

Short version: ‘’ character at the beginning of a *.md filename (dragged into my Obsidian vault folder) resulted in a ‘blank’ vault. I could load other vaults in the Obsidian session, but trying to get into this one resulted in an apparent total lack of files. Dragging that file back out yielded a completely functional vault again.

Restrictions on filenaming seem totally understandable, but the lack of warning message was confusing/scary. I spent some time removing large files before noticing the bad filename was the problem.

Long version: I extracted and batch-converted ~1-2K worth of notes from Evernote. This resulted in some deeply unwise filenames. I decided to just dump everything in and sort it out later. After some experimentation, the file with the following name broke everything:


Here are some filenames that DID NOT break Obsidian, congratulations!

[email protected]@[email protected]

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