Special build excluding sync and community plugins

I am discussing with our corporate security to have Obsidian added to the approved applications list, they already came back that sync is a blocker for them (even if you need an account, I know) and I am sure at some point they would discover community plugins which would open the same attack angle.
Would it be possible to have a custom build that blocks these capabilities out of the box?

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Why don’t they just block Obsidian from accessing the servers used for sync and plugin management? Or just block internet access to the app altogether?

They can block it a the computer level, with windows firewall rules, or at network level.

We are a 10k+ employee company and this is my request (and I know of some colleagues that have given up and went back to onenote) so they will not make any company wide changes just to make it work for me. At the same time I believe it would help in other more secured environments.
This would allow me to advocate the use of the tool internally because I think it would be a great fit for many of my colleagues, now it is a no go.
Obviously, these would be licensed paying users, this is not a request for a free version

They can do something like this in your computer. It’s very easy.

Ok, I understand you believe it is a bad idea and that you shouldn’t do it, fair enough, then we just won’t be able to use it.
Would be interesting to know when you make the business case internally what would be your tipping point for making a custom build for this or whether you don’t want to do this as a matter of principle.

Have you proposed to your IT team if blocking obsidian’s access to the internet is a viable option for them? Maybe it’s enough.

To justify the cost/time associated with building/maintaining a custom build, a significant corporate order would be a prerequisite.

Not to be obtuse I have asked our security team to review that solution as well. I will let you know how that goes

Maybe to contextualize a bit further; I am asking for internal permission to run this on my device, not for them to make it a standard package that would be part of our official software catalog. The firewall rules solution would be something that probably could work for an official package, but this is a different threshold of effort.
The current feedback is that because the application allows sync, they don’t give me permission to use it.

I understand a substantial corporate order might be needed, but give me a number. Happy to discuss offline.

I don’t think they need to make an official package, they just need to set on your computer that the app obsidian is not allowed to connect to the internet.

If your workplace has stringent security practices, they should already block any app that they don’t specifically allow.

Feel free to send an email to [email protected] and attach a link to this thread.

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