Spaces / Tags / Custom Properties -- WTF?


There are a few things that should be simple, and y’all will definitely find them simple, but I’m just… lost

  1. I am trying to understand what in the hell “Spaces” are for. I thought it was simple enough:

    You can take a note that is being created in one location and pin it in other locations because it’s NOT just a note about self-care, it’s also a poem, and it’s philosophical, and it was written in that creative writing class you take on Tuesdays – all of which are their own subfolders within subfolders within folders, etc., etc.

    BUT, when I went to add a note to ONE other space, it pinned in every folder EXCEPT for that space. Well, I obviously did something wrong (which, can I just say that unpinning each individual space without having the luxury of just clicking the delete button is annoying?.. I digress, back to our topic here)., so I unpin all the spaces, pin it again in the ONE space I want it to be pinned in, and it also pins to the vault? AND it also adds ALL, EVERY tag that the folder (“space”) i pinned it to has…

    Am I an idiot? What is going on? WTF?

  2. Regarding properties. I created two of my own properties: “Emotions” and “Free Labels”

    Now, I have Tags, Date Created, Emotions, Free Labels as my properties on every page. I was assuming that properties is metadata, which is how I would connect concepts, ideas, notes, yada yada.

    My Emotions and Free Label properties are text boxes that offer a lot more liberty when it comes to spaces than tags, obviously, but will DataView pick them up? Can I easily search them? If not, then wtf are the extra properties for? I don’t get it, and I’m a bit confused.

To the Community

Anyways, much appreciation in advance, I’m LOVING the community, the program, the videos, the plugins, the excitement that note-taking brings me once again!!! I have 46 physical journals from 2016-2022, and I have 2 from 2023-now… I had a second kid, so that kind of threw a wrench into things, BUT 46!! FUCKING!! JOURNALS!!! I absolutely love writing, and Obsidian has reminded me of that love, and THIS COMMUNITY is what makes Obsidian what it is.

Much love y’all!

As far as 1) goes, by “Spaces”, do you mean that part of the plugin? If so, they have a documentation page: as well as a Discord server worth asking in. It’s quite a big plugin and changes a lot of the vanilla Obsidian experience.

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ACCIDENTALLY DELETED REPLY, so going to throw in some odd characters here and there to make the body less" similar to the previous post."

Thank you, but yes, I’ve been there before, and I may have left a little bit more confused than before I went it.


Maybe I just need to focus on the notes and let the rest come later – and I mean that, I feel like I’m overthinking it.

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Much appreciation!

ETA: And now I see there’s a f**king undelete button. Sorry guys, newb here!