Spaced Repetition - Open a window in a separate tab instead of pop-up window

What I’m trying to do


I love the customization offered by Obsidian and I use it with spaced repetition plugin for studies. However, when ever I click on “Review flashcards” button on the panel, it opens a pop-up window instead of a tab. It blocks the entire all other tabs and I can’t see or edit any other tabs in Obsidian.

Can someone tell me how to open it in a separate tab/sidebar, instead of blocking pop-up?

Also the location of pop-up window is fixed, so I can’t drag-and-drop it outside of Obsidian window.

I looked around in the settings page of the plugin, but there is no such option.

Is there a CSS variable I can change/add to achieve this?


Hopefully someone can answer, but I’d take a look on their GitHub page for issues (180 listed at the moment):

and their discussion area:

Thanks. I tried to look on the GitHub page, but didn’t find any answer.

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