Spaced Repetition (Anki / RemNote)

To remain competitive in this period of adoption, I believe it behoves the team at Obsidian to dedicate engineering resources/time to creating Spaced Repetition capabilities as RemNote has already demonstrated.

The ability to have spaced repetition built directly into Obsidian would make Roam and other competitors obsolete in the knowledge management, note-taking, and studying space.

I know there are currently API integrations with Anki, but for wide spread adoption of Obsidian, out of the box spaced repetition does seem to be the feature which needs to be addressed.

Love this tool, and thank you all for your efforts.


I hope this is on the roadmap of obsidian!
The random note plug in might be pointing at this, since the ideia is for you to remember some “forgotten” note.
having this will be game changer. I just discovered RemNote and i’m currently playing with it and it’s spaced repetition cards, but Obsidian has in my opinion such a good work flow that having this implemented will make it almost perfect


may i also add, that the question be an ‘annotation’ rather than typed into the notes.
From what i tried in remnote, the question has to be typed together into the notes itself, which made it very distracting for me when i view my notes. (e.g. what is the function of biceps brachii::supination and elbow flexion; imagine having these questions on every single line of my notes. it becomes a distraction when i am searching for information outside of spaced repetition)

it would be nice if we can highlight a piece sentence which is meant to be the answer to the flashcard, then the question to the information could be annotated on the far right side of the page, so it doesnt become a hindrance when accessing information.

but in any case, if this is not possible, any spaced repetition is better than none, and i would still gladly support it. Cheers!


that’s a really good point. I’m not bodered with the way RemNote spaced repetition works but your idea sound nice.

yup completely agree!! the most important tool i need for note taking

By the way, I made a script to add cards from Obsidian to Anki. It supports fully custom syntax for flashcards - e.g. one of the flashcard styles is RemNote::single line style!
Link here