Sorting a query block

Things I have tried

I have a block with:

query term

What I’m trying to do

How can i sort that?
in obsidian the program in the left pane i can sort search results by modified time, create time or alphabeticaly. How can i achieve that in the block above? By default it is sorted alphabethicaly. What is the syntax to sort inside a block?

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  • Install Obsidian42 - BRAT plugin
  • Read they tutorial how to install custom plugin that is not in official community section, carefully
  • Add the souce

GitHub - nothingislost/obsidian-query-control: An experimental Obsidian plugin that adds controls to embedded queries

. This plugin give you some more option to sort things in query mode.

  • You may want to set it up like image bellow

Thanks. If possible i would like to use less plugins.
With a plugin i could also use a solution in dataview, which would a lot more flexible.

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  • I have the same thought and concern as you before. But as i try this for a while, it get things done on my purpose will no problem. It’s like one time set up.
    Both dataview and defaut search query had it own advantage and disavantage too.
    The smart way is to get the best of both world. Just use both of them

  • BTW, about use “less plugin”, i end up with total … like 41 plugin in my obsidian mobile vault. I use ipad and iphone only. So much plugin but how surprise all of it work so well, so fast with no problem at all.
    Have to say that the obsidian mobile team do a very good job !

I think Query Control’s features should be part of the core Search, but for now that’s what we have.


I think you will not regret.

The Obsidian-Query-Control provides the ability to render the markdown format within the query result.

Note that Query Control may break the Search function.

The repo link doesn’t work because the closing quote mark is inside it.

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