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What I’m trying to do

I was wondering if there is a way to sort or even hide some of the items from the status bar at the bottom. Some Plugins add stuff there and dont give the option to hide them. Also the order is not the best one for me.
Maybe there is a plugin for that or is that a CSS thing?

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Hi Pummelfisch, I reccomend the “Customizable Sidebar” community plugin. It allows you to hide existing icons and create custom ones of your own. It allows sorting of custom icons (but not existing ones).

I hope this helps. You can find “Customizable Sidebar” in Settings → Community Plugins → Browse.


Hey thanks, didnt know that you could also add your own and sort them.
However I was talking about the Status Bar which sits at the bottom of the screen and displays e.g. your word-count.

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Oh, sorry! Obviously I didn’t read your post closely enough. :sweat_smile:

I clicked around to see what was possible…

There are some themes(just a plugin that alters css) that have the ability to hide the status bar, but I didn’t see any that allow sorting items or hiding specific items. Not saying there aren’t, its just a hard thing to find if its out there.

There is a plugin called Hider, that can hide many pieces of the UI, but its an all or nothing. I did see you can key hiding the status bar to a hot key, and then you could hide it and show it only when needed. I haven’t tried it. And there is always the possibility that it won’t work well with your theme.

The other angle is going for a pure CSS snippet solution. If you are on windows, you can open the console with CTRL+SHIFT+i, Click Elements, then click the square/arrow icon in the upper left of the console. Then hover over the item in the status bar you want to hide to find the name. The square/arrow icon will turn blue when active. I’m not sure how to key this in appleland.

For example, the ‘backlink’ item in the status bar is “status-bar-item.plugin-backlink”.

If you put this in your css snippets and save, the “backlinks” item will disappear. You’ll have to inspect each item to find the name and add similar css. Yo can include as many as you want in one line if you separate “.status-bar-item.plugin-NAME” with commas.

.status-bar .status-bar-item.plugin-backlink {
display: none;

Wow thank you very much for the detailed solutions. I used the .css approach to hide not needed elements. Made it way cleaner.
Now I only need to change the order of the elements that are left, so i will stuck to unsolved for now.
As said thank you very much for the effort.

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Glad it worked for the Hiding part…

If anyone knows how to use CSS to REORDER items, please reply.

Use the prism theme with the plugin style setting, you’ll get these options :


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